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Dr. Mustafa Barghouti content about outcomes of national reconciliation talks in Cairo.

Ramallah, 28-01-09: Yesterday, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, was present during national reconciliation talks taking place in the Egyptian capital Cairo, where he led the delegation of the PNI to the meeting.

The Cairo meeting was successful, as it finally constituted the ground for a true national dialogue between all rivaling Palestinian factions. Talks were focused on the restoration of unity and dealt with solving the difficulties that impede the existence of a unified Palestinian leadership, able to effectively respond to the occupation and all those resulting challenges facing the Palestinian people.

Palestinian factions have agreed to form a new transitional government that will operate until presidential and parliamentary elections can be held. To bring this into effect, five committees were identified, tasked with the organization of a Government of National Unity. Moreover, the committees are to coordinate inclusive national reconciliation, the rebuilding of security institutions, the organization of elections, as well as the restructuring of the PLO in order to make it inclusive of all Palestinian political groups.

Said Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, "the constructive spirit that seemed to meet us, was one diverting away from division and moving towards the start of dialogue and unity". He added that "all the Palestinian forces will confront any Israeli assault together".

Dr. Barghouthi identifies three issues that are required for the success of the dialogue:

 The existence of a genuine collective will (as present during the Cairo talks) to maintain and ensure national reconciliation over partisan interests.

 Readiness to meet the challenges and pressures that will be exercised against the national unity efforts.

 Maintaining of cohesion and peaceful dialogue to resolve all differences that may arise, which are to be treated in the framework. The immediate release of all political prisoners is an important step in this direction.

Dr. Barghouthi expressed appreciation of the Egyptian constructive and consistent efforts to help the Palestinians achieve unity during the Cairo meeting.