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Home | EU: "Jerusalem’s status must be negotiated". Dr Mustafa Barghouthi replied: “What is left to negotiate?”
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EU Foreign Ministers watered down the original Swedish draft proposal, issuing a statement which calls for finding a solution through peace negotiations to resolve the status of Jerusalem. The vote came after Sweden, current holder of the EU presidency, has presented last week a draft document giving support for the division of Jerusalem and the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. The earlier draft angered Israel by explicitly recognising East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian State.

But Several European countries, including France, Italy and Germany, submitted amendments based on Israeli lobby and campaign. France expressed several reservations on the Swedish proposal. In the end, the EU ministers accepted a French compromise, which referred to Jerusalem as the future capital of both states.

Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, interviewed yesterday by Ma’an News Agency declared that “the draft leaked to media on Tuesday was weak compared with an original draft introduced by Sweden.” “It’s disappointing”- he added – “The original draft was much better.”

Barghouthi said the call for negotiations was inappropriate at a time when “the most extreme right-wing government is obstructing peace negotiations.”

He stated that the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had set “impossible conditions” on all issues, including Jerusalem, borders, settlements, and water. “What is left to negotiate?” “What we need today is pressure on Israel similar to the pressure that was applied on Apartheid South Africa,” Barghouthi declared during the interview.

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